Geoff Langenderfer

On Perpetual Unemployment


Posted at — Apr 8, 2020

What Are my Values?

At 31, considering my 18 year old self feels like a lifetime ago. Yet, I have ~47 years left. It’s interesting to think about what of 18 year old me I’m proud of. It should inform how 78 year old me will view my current form.

I’m proud of my pursuit of mastery. I remember the shame of 175lb me. And, the pride of 215lb. I remember losing rent money as a poker beginner. And, the pride of paying tuition at the end. I remember the fear of my trading career crumbling. And, the pride of current software employment.

I have work to do towards freedom and purpose. Starting a business will give freedom. Serving my customers will give purpose.

Feel free to reach out if you like. Like-minded travelers are precious.