Geoff Langenderfer

On Perpetual Unemployment

How to Be a Broke Creative

Posted at — Aug 14, 2020

Are you frustrated working a dead-end job? The kind with pointless meeting after pointless meeting? Grab that frustration and use it to fuel your creativity. It is possible.

My dream was to be a trader. The reality? 60 hour weeks and ~$30k/year. And, living expenses in Chicago were not cheap.

Now, I sell 10 hrs/week of my time to buy 30 creative hrs/week. I use that time to improve my marketing, sales, and coding talent stack. You can use it to get involved in:

You might be wondering: how does the math work out? Here’s a quick rundown for my Austin, TX setup:

Stop wasting your time in a dead end job. The boring ones will be the first lost to layoffs and automation. You cannot automate creativity. So start now. Feel free to reach out if you’re feeling frustrated and curious about next steps.